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Video Consultation’s (Spire/BMI)

Video Consultation

Need a video consultation? Despite the COVID19 lockdown patients can still be consulted on medical or dental or cosmetic problems, in the NHS and Private sector. The government permit access to medical advice for non-COVID problems, and need not be in person. We must ensure the ongoing health of the nation in lockdown.

I can offer you access to advice by telephone consultation or video consultation/conferencing, and with use of your electronic photos/media. It is possible to offer you advice and follow up on physical, mental health and well being concerns in my expert specialty. I can help you determine the urgency of your problem, and applies equally to medical/dental conditions as well as your cosmetic concerns.

With Virtual Consultations using Zoom (Spire) and Microsoft Teams (BMI) we can arrange a video consultation with me from the privacy of your home, and is recognised by the health insurance providers. I can offer you this service whether you are a patient at Spire or BMI. You will need the Zoom or Microsoft Teams app, video and microphone accessories, which can be on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. If you need subsequent investigations or treatment, we can arrange this at Spire Cheshire Hospital or BMI The Beaumont Hospital.

If you need more urgent advice contact NHS111, your GP or dentist. If you would like my specialist opinion, contact me directly for more information, or book to see me for a Virtual Consultation at Spire Cheshire Hospital or BMI The Beaumont Hospital.

Stay safe and look after your physical and mental health too.