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BOOK a Consultation incl. FREE* VIDEO

I’m pleased to offer a FREE* exploratory VIDEO consultation, to seek an informal opinion with no obligation, if you could be accepted as a patient. With the use of FREE photo simulations, discussion of your treatment desires, what is available, and meeting me, you can decide if you want to proceed with a formal full paid consultation. Free* Video consultations performed on Zoom.

Contact me with your enquires or Start booking a full consultation (including video), or a FREE* informal Virtual VIDEO consultation.
*Free Video Consultation’s haven no obligations, given as good will and no liability accepted. Any photo or video simulations are not a guarantee of treatment outcomes and for illustration purposes only. To be accepted as a patient, a formal full paid consultation would be required.

Alternatively email me directly on

For more information on PAID Spire Video Consultation and BMI Video Consultation see these link

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