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Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Procedures:

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Eyes – Blepharoplasty – From £2500

Blepharoplasty is used to reduce the loose baggy skin around the eyes, and can be performed on just either upper, lower, or both eyelids. Surgery usually involves removal of excess skin and sometimes adjustment to the fat. The scars are very discrete and often invisible, and return a more youthful and less tired look to ones eyes. Sometimes the operation needs to be performed with a brow lift, with injection of fillers or fat to achieve desired outcome. Upper lid surgery is done as a local anaesthetic while you are awake and without an overnight stay.

EAFPS site on Upper Blepharoplasty and Lower Blepharoplasty

Nose – Rhinoplasty – From £4800

The nose is the centre piece of the face and a rhinoplasty is the operation to reshape it. Often clients have specific concerns about the shape of their nose, though common concerns are related to a nose with a hump, or position/shape of the tip, or its length and width. Reshaping of the nose can be difficult and challenging, but with careful planning can achieve the desired outcome.

EAPFS site on Rhinoplasty

Chin and jawline – Genioplasty / Mentoplasty and facial recontouring – From £2500

The prominence or absence of ones chin shape is important to the profile of the face. A genioplasty can reduce a prominent chin and with its limits can help to enhance the chin when absent. In a deficient or receded chin, implants can also be used to improve the contour and projection. Concerns of the facial contour such as the angle or square of ones jawline can also be reduced or enhanced as desired, and may be with surgery alone or implants.

EAFPS site on chin/facial contouring

Buccal Fat reduction (bichectomy) – From £2500

In younger patients they may find the buccal (cheek) fat pads are more prominent, giving a rounder wider facial appearance. This is normal fat that may have not shrunken down in adulthood, and is deep to the cheek. A buccal fat pad excision, or bichectomy is a very safe procedure that can help contour the lower and mid face, by reducing the width of the lower face and making the cheek bones more contoured. This procedure can be undertaken under local anaesthetic awake in a short visit. Buccal fat reduction is often done as a local anaesthetic while you are awake.

Forehead – Brow Lift – From £2800

Drooping of the forehead with time can lead to a tired appearance and with excess eyelid skin can lead to obscuring of vision. A brow lift can give the forehead a more fresh appearance to the face and in combination with blepharoplasty may alleviate obscured vision and tired looking eyes.

EAFPS site on Forehead lift

Face – 2 Stitch Facelift / short scar facelift / MACS lift, Facelift’s and neck lift – From £5300

With time, gravity and loss of elastic facial tissue, the lower face can become sagging. Particular around the jawline with formation of jowls and sagging around the mouth. A face lift operation can be complex and long with risks, but in suitable patients is successful in eliminating sagging facial skin. In combination with other procedures to improve bone contour and facial tissue volume, the outcome can be dramatically rejuvenating. A 2 stitch facelift also known as a MACS lift, or a short scar face lift, is a much shorter procedure and can be done under local anaesthetic. It has a faster operative and recovery time, and suitable in some patients, but the results last shorter, and it may not address all the patients needs that a traditional facelift would.

EAFPS site on Facelift

Ears – Otoplasty – From £2800

Prominent or ‘sticky out’ ears is a common concern of the ears. An otoplasty can correct this with several techniques, though commonly done with a procedure that pins them back. Other procedures are used to correct other problems of shape. Otoplasty is often done as a local anaesthetic while you are awake.

EAFPS site on otoplasty