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Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Wrinkle reduction treatments (age 18+)

Facial skin wrinkles appear with age due to underlying muscle movements under skin that has loss elasticity. These are more obvious when smiling, laughing and in facial expression. The skin wrinkles can be temporarily eliminated by selective weakening of these muscles by injection of a “drug” called botulinum toxin, which is derived from bacteria. When the muscles stop moving the wrinkles appear much less or not at all, but you will still be able to function normally. Common sites for wrinkles to appear are the forehead frown lines, crows feet to the sides of the eyes and selectively around the mouth. Treatment can last many months but would require re-treatment if a long effect is desired as the “drug” is reversible. With carefully timed re-injection this popular treatment, with relatively minimal risks, can maintain a wrinkle reduced appearance for a long time. (Age restrictions apply)

EAFPS site on Wrinkle reduction treatments

Facial Filler injection treatments (age 18+, 21+, 35+, <65)

Facial tissues lose fullness with age as there is a loss of volume and support, of both natural fat pads and thinner layers of fat under the facial skin. As a result there is deepening of skin folds, hollowing and sagging. Injectable facial fillers can return volume temporarily to certain areas of the face to compensate for this loss during ageing. Filler products vary in type, but those made of hyaluronic acid is the natural component that is lost from the skin. Injection of hyaluronic acid has very low risks and as it is is slowly broken down with time it is effectively reversible. The treatment can be repeated for longer term results. In combination with anti-wrinkle injections the results can be very effective. (Age restrictions apply depending on product)