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Cosmetic Procedures under Local Anaesthetic

Worried about ‘going under’ for a cosmetic procedure but really want to have treatment done? There are many procedures that can be done that do not require a general anaesthetic or ‘going under or asleep’. With the COVID risks being higher with general anaesthetic, local anaesthetic is safer at this current time. An additional benefit is that in some cases, you may be able to see the immediate results during your procedure. Also there may be a cost saving as the anaesthetic is not required and admission time is reduced.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty for excess skin – This is one of the most commonest cosmetic procedures to be done under local anaesthetic with significant improvements to tired looking eyes. You can have your eyes closed throughout out the procedure, and you’ll be pleased of the quick turnaround time to perform. However you will still have swelling, bruising and recovery time.

Liposuction – Smaller areas of facial liposuction, often done for the neck and jowls, can be carried out under local anaesthetic. The fat removal is under the surface of the skin. This can be combined with other small neck tightening procedures under the chin such as a platysmaplasty. The need for similar recovery from swelling and bruising remains, however you will not have the downtime of a general.

Buccal Fat Pad/Bichectomy – A procedure growing in popularity, to remove some of the pad of fat deep from within the cheeks, to give improved cheek bone definition and a subtle pout. The procedure is carried out from within the mouth to get to the fat from underneath, with no external scarring, and is very quick to perform with visible results seen very soon.

Facelift – Majority of facelifts do require a general anaesthetic to perform, however you might be suitable/eligible for a minimal access procedure that only requires a local anaesthetic. Done in the same sterile way larger procedures are done, the skin and deeper tissues can still be lifted to address mild amounts of jowling, excess skin and improvements to the jaw contour.

Lip Lift – This is a minimal excision of skin from under the nose, that is used to give elevation and shorting of the upper lip, for patients who have thin or minimal upper lip show. I can address those with ‘long upper’ lips that might hide upper tooth show and hence a smile. The procedure required very little downtime but does involve stitches and a subtle scar barely visible under the base of the nose. In combination with careful use of lip fillers this can add upper lip volume that had ben lost with age.

Ear pinning/Otoplasty – Although often done for children with ‘bat ears’ and done under general anaesthetic, the procedure itself for adults can be done under local anaesthetic and has the benefit of viewing the change while in surgery.